Home Type Highlight - Duplex Bungalows

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Do you like to go on road trips and explore the great outdoors? If you responded yes, a duplex bungalow with RV garage would be perfect for you. If you responded no and would rather hop on a plane to explore, a duplex bungalow with double car garage would be a great choice!

This home type caters to your lock and go lifestyle. It offers no maintenance living. That means the exterior of your home and all the landscaping is taken care of for you! The only thing you have to worry about is where to travel to next!

Our duplex bungalows are in Sedgewood at Salisbury Village located in Sherwood Park offers a double car garage with a walkout basement. This stunning style of home maximizes views of the natural surrounding area with two patios and large windows on the main floor and walkout basement. Plus, the duplex bungalows in Sedgewood have features including a wine cellar, cold storage and wet bar!

If you are looking for a home with a place to store your motorhome – Arrive at Allard in South Edmonton and Arrive at Jesperdale in Spruce Grove offer a duplex bungalow with RV garage. This home has both a double car garage and RV garage giving you the ability to store, tinker with and enjoy your toys right at home. 

Now all you are thinking about is how many toys can you actually store in the garage. The enormous RV garage size depends on the model, but averages around 14’ high and 50’ long. It is a huge space to store all of your recreational equipment without the hassle of offsite storage. You just lock up your home, hop into your RV and you are ready for an adventure within seconds.

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